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Guess who's back?

Posted 1/13/08 @ 10:40 PM by Stuart in Category: General
Nope, it's not Slim Shady this time. He already came back and asked you to tell a friend. Well whether you did or not or whether you even understand my gibberish doesn't really matter because what you're about  to read is going to excite you more than the time you heard that Return of the Jedi was going to feature a bunch of cute Teddy Bears swinging from trees and throwing rocks at Stormtroopers. You may as well go ahead and fire up your Skype and call your buddies because the podcast is coming back.

That's right, after several months of living your lives with the noticeable absence of your weekly fix of hilarity and shenanigans, Stuart and Shad are finally coming back to a computer near you.

Visit back later in the week to find out where we've been, what we've been up to and whether or not Shad's sex-change operation was a success...

Stuart Roasts a Cripple

Posted 8/31/07 @ 4:14 PM by Stuart in Category: General
In Episode 10 we discussed the fact that Stuart had his first on-stage performance this past weekend. His buddy Eric recently broke both his knees by jumping off of an 8 inch stage. Apparently if you drink too much beer, you forget to bend your knees when you land.

Anyway, here's the video...

Miss Teen South Carolina

Posted 8/31/07 @ 9:58 AM by Stuart in Category: General
We talked about her during Episode 10, here's the video of Miss Teen South Carolina. I think she's going to apply for MENSA soon...

Famtasy Premier League Challenge

Posted 8/1/07 @ 10:38 AM by Stuart in Category: General is inviting it's layal fans to participate in the Annual Premier League Fantasy Football Challenge or APLFFC as i am calling it at this very moment (but probably won't ever again).

Be afraid, be very afraid!!!

Posted 7/10/07 @ 2:04 PM by Stuart in Category: General
It's finally here, the list for which you've all been waiting. If you harm us or disagree with us in any way, or if we simply don't like you, you could find yourself added to the Judii List. This list will soon become the most feared list on the planet. Being added to the Judii List could be the worst thing that ever happens to you.

Misinformation Week

Posted 5/2/07 @ 1:50 PM by Shad in Category: General
One of the strange things about Coldfusion is the fact that people write negative articles about it without knowing anything about the language. This is especially true for big IT magazines like Information Week.

Welcome one and all!

Posted 4/25/07 @ 4:17 PM by Stuart in Category: General
Welcome to! This site is the home to the world famous Podcast produced by Shad and Stuart. Hold on to your hats, the first Episode will air shortly.

Here you will find topics ranging from Web Development, Video Games, TV, Movies and all kinds of geeky stuff.


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