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Season 2, Episode 1

Posted 11/19/08 @ 4:15 PM by Shad in Category: Episodes
Season 2 is finally here! We are new and improved this season. In this episode we talk about the improvements we've made for the new season which includes no profanity while still being contravesal.

We talk about Microsoft's XNA Game Studio and the launch of their XNA community games. Go ahead and download C# and XNA Game Studio while you listen because you're going to want to build some games. Microsoft is such a great company. It's hard to believe there's people who don't like them.

The conversation then moves to someone that everyone should hate, George Lucas. The Force Unleashed was saved because of the gameplay but The Clone Wars was a bit too low quality to be a feature film.

Then we jump into the browser wars with Google Chrome and the scary fact that Google will control your mind soon.

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Season 1, Episode 14

Posted 11/12/08 @ 9:09 AM by Shad in Category: Episodes
Episode 14 is for the conspiracy theory fan in all of us. We let the world know about the sinister Council on Foreign Relations and how their actions are a sign that the rapture is coming soon. We also eat burritos.

Season 1, Episode 13

Posted 11/11/08 @ 9:22 AM by Shad in Category: Episodes
Episode 13 contains some deep philosophical discussion. Stuart reveals a dark secret about the state of video games in his life. We also talk about Battlestar Galactica and gain a little more insight into the Catholic Religion.

Season 1, Episode 12

Posted 1/25/08 @ 6:14 PM by Stuart in Category: Episodes
It's the greatest comeback since Britney Spears at the MTV music awards. That's right, we're a bit fatter and our dancing ability is a bit suspect. Nonetheless, it's another episode of the #1 podcast that is recoded by people with the name Shad and Stuart.

In today's epidode we talk about Shad's walk with the Lord Jebus, the Democratic debate in Myrtle Beach where Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama resort to fisty-cuffs, how great the Wii is, how much the PS3 sucks, Stuart's trip to England and why the hell can't I find a DS anywhere in the continental US.

Season 1, Episode 11

Posted 1/18/08 @ 8:56 AM by Stuart in Category: Episodes
It's been a while Pod-fans. To be honest we recorded this episode several months ago. It was on an external hard drive that I sorta dropped and broke. We got it working again so we can finally post Episode 11.

I have no idea what we talk about in this episode.  I vaguely recall making fun of Jeff Meagher but apart from that it's a mystery. I hope you enjoy it. Oh, if someone wants to post a summary of the episode in the comments I'd really appreciate it.

Season 1, Episode 10

Posted 8/31/07 @ 8:35 AM by Stuart in Category: Episodes
Wow, who would have thought that we'd make it to double digits? OK, everyone did because we're awesome!

In this episode we discuss Shad's attempt to quit smoking and Metroid Prime Corruption for the Wii. We also make fun of Miss Teen South Carolina's attempt to answer a simple question in a very unique manner. In the new feature, "Who would win in a fight between...?", we look at Han Solo vs Indiana Jones; It's not as clear clear cut as you may think.

Season 1, Episode 9

Posted 8/16/07 @ 4:13 PM by Stuart in Category: Episodes
It's apology week on the podcast. Shad admits he can't tell the difference between MXC and Ninja Warrior while Stuart retracts his Simpson's Math(s) from Episode 7. The new feature "Who would win in a fight between...?" premieres with a battle between the Jedi Master Yoda and the fearless plumber, Mario.

Season 1, Episode 8

Posted 8/1/07 @ 10:33 AM by Stuart in Category: Episodes
Episode 8 is TV week. Stuart and Shad discuss their favorite TV shows. David Beckham makes another guest appearance to give a weekly Football update. There's also a disagreement regarding Ninja Warrior on G4. Tune in next week to find out who will be apologizing live on air...

Season 1, Episode 7

Posted 7/24/07 @ 2:10 PM by Stuart in Category: Episodes scores big this week by landing an exclusive interview with David Beckham. The LA Galaxy football/soccer star has just moved to the US but he still found time to come hang out with us and talk about his 'Princess'. In this episode we also discuss the differences between American and English sports.

Season 1, Episode 6

Posted 7/17/07 @ 1:53 PM by Stuart in Category: Episodes
While this may not be up to the greatness that is Return of the Jedi, our very own Episode 6 is indeed great. In this episode we discuss E3 2007 for one final time, bringing closure to the Video Game event until they decide what to do with it next year. We also discuss Shad's experience at CFUnited,  the ColdFusion conference that he recently attended.

Season 1, Episode 5

Posted 7/12/07 @ 10:39 PM by Shad in Category: Episodes
Surprise! Two episodes in one week! In this episode we cover the conferences held by Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony at E3.

Season 1, Episode 4

Posted 7/10/07 @ 12:49 PM by Shad in Category: Episodes
We're back! I know everyone has missed us. Sorry for taking such a long break. This episode we talk about the Transformers movie and E3. It's a podcast in disguise.

Season 1, Episode 3

Posted 5/17/07 @ 8:53 AM by Shad in Category: Episodes
This is the show everyone has been waiting for, Star Wars! This week is sequel themed. We talk about Star Wars, Halo 3 and video game sequels in general. Be sure to check out the glossary, a few new items have been added.

Season 1, Episode 2

Posted 5/4/07 @ 5:29 PM by Shad in Category: Episodes
We apologize for being late this week. This week we talk about Kutaragi leaving Sony, Nintendo buying Monolith, downloadable games, and IDE/Text Editors.

Season 1, Episode 1

Posted 4/25/07 @ 5:09 PM by Shad in Category: Episodes
The wait is over. Our first episode has arrived. Since it is our first episode, it's an introduction to the show and it's hosts. We talk about ourselves, our history with video games, and our favorite programming language.


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