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E3 2007 - Sony

Posted 7/12/07 @ 12:43 AM by Shad in Category: Reviews
Here's my review of the Sony press conference at E3.

Jack Trenton sucks balls. Come on Sony. Where did you find this guy? I was actually wishing that Kutaragi would come back and speak some broken English. At least Kutaragi was entertaining when he sounded like an idiot. Jack is simply an idiot. It was hard to get excited about anything with this guy speaking.

E3 2007 - Nintendo

Posted 7/11/07 @ 2:42 PM by Stuart in Category: Reviews
My wife is going to be happier than most after the Nintendo press conference, not because she's a gamer, but because i might finally lose the belly that she's be nagging me about for the past few years. I wouldn't say that I'm fat, but i definitely could lose a few pounds. What does this have to do with Nintendo you say? Two words...Wii Fit. (or is that one word...WiiFit?)

[Review] - Transformers (Movie)

Posted 7/11/07 @ 8:30 AM by Stuart in Category: Reviews
Shad and I recently went to see the new Transformers movie. We both grew up as huge fans of the franchise so expectations were high. Here's my review...


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