These are the people/objects/things that are dead to us. Some of them are legitimate, some are just on a whim.

Judii List

  1. Shad Belcher - Sold his Wii.
  2. Nick McNeill - Left us for a woman.
  3. Micheal Bay - Too much popcorn. Tried to ruin Transformers (ILM saved it). Bad haircut.
  4. Trent Richardson - Left us for the a cosy government job.
  5. Justin Beckett - Just plain wrong on the majority of subjects.
  6. Heroes - The last episode of season 1 was a big pile of poo.
  7. Jeffrey Meagher - Thinks PHP is better than Coldfusion.
  8. Mark "Sparky" Hughes - Ex-Man Utd player who picked Chelsea to beat Man Utd in the 2007 FA Cup final.

We're not totally heartless, the people on the Judii List do have an opportunity to redeem themselves and become members of the Resurrected List below.

Resurrected List

  1. - A 6 week gap between episodes 3 and 4 caused us to be dead to ourselves. With the release of Episode 4, we redeemed ourselves by producing one of the top 4 episodes that we've ever created.


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